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Other activities


Private garden tours

Two accommodation facilities offer visitors and guests a free tour of their Eden-like garden. The Ariiura Garden Paradise Campground is located in the middle of a garden of traditional medicinal plants. Each plant or tree has a sign with its Latin name. The family-run guest house, Chez Vahinemoea, offers guided tours of its 2-hectare plantation growing bananas, avocados, coconuts, vanilla, pineapple, noni (Indian mulberries) plus other plants and fruit trees. The plantation is equipped with 3 greenhouses.

Huahine Te Tiare Beach Resort: more than 5,000 plants

The resort's garden contains more than 5,000 plants imported to the site. There is a very wide variety of plant species used in local food and pharmacopeia. Guided tours are offered at a fee daily. There is no charge for unguided tours.