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Getting to Tahiti

Budgeting for Tahiti

This is a popular question for many Kiwis. Whilst Tahiti cannot be considered a 'cheap' destination, it certainly can be an affordable place to holiday.

Costs in Tahiti are a lot more relative to those in New Zealand than before. Tahiti can be as affordable as you want it to be. Like any other country, you have a choice of what you purchase, and at what price. The reason for some of the prices being slightly higher in Tahiti is due to the fact that no income tax is payable by local residents, and thus goods and services are taxed accordingly. Being islands, with a very high standard of lifestyle, Tahiti has to import much of its requirements from all over the world.

Below, you'll find a price list for various products. These have been taken from a wide range of various suppliers, and are indicative of price only:

Local Beer - Hinano (btle) Supermarket 260 3.25 Drink
Local Beer - Hinano (btle) Resort/Hotel 620 7.75 Drink
Coke/Pepsi (500 ml) Supermarket 170 2.12 Drink
Water (1.5 L) Supermarket 120 1.50 Drink
Fresh Juice (glass) Resort/Hotel 520 6.50 Drink
Juice (1 L) Supermarket 290 3.62 Drink
Whisky (bottle) Supermarket 3500 43.73 Drink
Whisky (double)** Resort/Hotel 1700 21.24 Drink
Wine - French (bottle) Supermarket 3000 37.48 Drink
Coffee Resort/Hotel 350 4.37 Drink
Chicken Meal Snack Bar 900 11.24 Food
Chicken Meal Resort/Hotel 1700 21.24 Food
Croissant Supermarket 120 1.50 Food
Curried Prawns Café/Restaurant 1500 18.74 Food
Grilled Mahi Mahi Café/Restaurant 1500 18.74 Food
Fresh Fruit Salad Café/Restaurant 600 7.49 Food
Hamburger/Fries Snack Bar 800 9.99 Food
Hamburger Meal Resort/Hotel 1700 21.24 Food
Kids Menu Meal Resort/Hotel 1500 18.74 Food
Mixed Salad Café/Restaurant 1200 14.99 Food
Poisson Cru (raw fish) Roulottes 1200 14.99 Food
Poisson Cru (raw fish) Resort/Hotel 1600 19.99 Food
Pizza (large) Roulottes 1500 18.74 Food
Pizza (large) Café/Restaurant 1900 23.73 Food
Plat du jour Café/Restaurant 1200 14.99 Food
Sandwich Café/Restaurant 500 6.25 Food
Steak and Fries Roulottes 1200 14.99 Food
Steak and Fries Café/Restaurant 2000 24.98 Food
Tuna Sashimi (large) Roulottes 1400 17.49 Food
Bananas (1 kg) Supermarket 140 1.75 Groceries
Bread (French Stick) Supermarket 53 0.66 Groceries
Cereal Supermarket 600 7.50 Groceries
Cheese (250 g) Supermarket 300 3.75 Groceries
Chicken (frozen 1 kg) Supermarket 250 3.12 Groceries
Margarine Supermarket 350 4.37 Groceries
Milk (UHT 1 L) Supermarket 180 2.25 Groceries
Pineapple (1 kg) Supermarket 150 1.87 Groceries
Pizza (frozen) Supermarket 1000 12.49 Groceries
Sliced Ham (100 g) Supermarket 350 4.37 Groceries

**Double is American standard, considerably larger compared to New Zealand standard

*Exchange rate as of January 2017

In any overseas destination, there is a small minority who like to profit from the 'tourists'. In Tahiti, you'll not find hawkers, hustlers and hasslers on every street corner. However, it always pays to be prudent, and if you are unsure about something you can always ask your host tour operator or hotelier for advice. Another commonly asked question is 'how much spending money should we take'. This depends on one's tastes and pocket. However, we've talked to travellers over the last year or so, and the following is a good guide:

  • $NZ90 - 100 per day: For the budget conscious, this amount of money allows for food each day, and limited excursions and activities. NB: For those who have pre-purchased a meal plan or have self-catering facilities, this is a good allowance.
  • $NZ110 - 140 per day: An average amount of expenditure, allowing enough for food and excursions.
  • $NZ150 - 180 per day: A higher level of food and activities.