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As part of the 30th anniversary of the self-governing status of French Polynesia, this year, a big arts and crafts event called “Polynesian Art” is celebrated in Aorai Tini Hau in Pirae, gathering all the arts and craft people from the five island groups of French Polynesia.

The new concept “Polynesian Art” testifies to the evolution of traditional arts and crafts through activities and know-how acquired over the past 30 years. Indeed, arts and crafts have actually developed from family business to an art business. The sector has evolved considerably as it allows today to supply a greater array of arts and crafts products while keeping the cultural and aesthetic character of our Fenua. One can notice that the mere shell necklace for visitors has been improved and wrought in order to become a magnificent art jewel or, a pandanus basket used as a shopping bag may be decorated with nice ribbons and lace and become an evening bag for young ladies.

400 artisans working on carving, basketry, tifaifai making, jewellery and many others activities are happy to present their creations. Demonstrations, shows and competitions are also set up during these 24 hours full of entertainment.

So, all of the participating arts and crafts people thank the local Government, which makes such gathering possible and invite visitors to go to the Aorai Tini Hau site in Pirae from 21 June to 14 July 2014.