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A voyage with O Tahiti E

This year, Tamariki Poerani’s group under the leadership of Makau Foster was asked to perform the traditional show on the Marae Arahurahu. The singing group Tamarii Mataiea has also joined the project to carry through with the reconstitution. Each Saturday of the month of July, over 140 artists through songs and dances will elaborate on the theme Taupapa’s dream, Te Moe a Taupapa.

The conversion of Pomare II and the enactment of the laws of the Code which bears its name caused all those who were adamant that life be carried on differently to be prosecuted. Taupapa Matua was at the end of his life and could not resign himself to decease elsewhere than his rocky pavement.

An old man was standing by the entrance of the sanctuary made out of rock. Facing towards the mountain to smell the air, he had been holding his arms up high with large movements before he let himself drop on the bundle down his feet.  Taupapa shut his eyes and surrendered to the silence, waiting for the signs of the great outrigger’s coming, all rejoicing about undertaking his last journey. He drowsed.

When he woke up, a traditional ceremony was being held right before his eyes, on the marae


Theme: Merehau ANASTASE

Direction, costumes and choreographies: Makau FOSTER

Music: Terema TOERE and Keha KAIMUKO

Singing group: TAMARII MATAIEA 


Te Moe a Taupapa, Saturdays 02, 09, 16, 23 and 30 July 2016 at 4pm

At marae Arahurahu, in Paea

Single entrance fee: 2 000 Fcfp

Ticket sales at Radio 1 and both Carrefour supermarkets

Information at 40 50 14 14 / 40 434 100